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Aitutaki Fishing
Aitutaki Fishing

Aitutaki Sports & Fly Fishing Lodge is a locally based and owned fishing operation on the remote atoll of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. It is the only operation that can provide a full spectrum of fishing options that covers the full range of exciting sports and game fishing targets that are found in both the pristine shallow water lagoon and the oceanic waters that surround. Regardless of whether you are targeting the massive Giant Trevally (GT's) on spin gear, huge Bonefish on fly tackle or game fish on conventional stand up tackle, we offer it all.

For the avid fisherman or a non-fishing partner all you could ever want in a tropical location is right here at your fingertips. It is a perfect destination for any fishing trip but what makes it truly different is that it is ideal for anglers who want to travel to a location that provides wonderful fishing opportunities as well as bring their partners and family and share with them their passion for the sport they love.

It has only been relatively recently that Aitutaki has recognized the full sport fishing potential of one of its most elusive residents in the Bonefish that occupy its shallow lagoon. The sheer joy of stalking large Bonefish in crystal clear water is one that no angler ever forgets, and one that is not only addictive but also one of the most rewarding pursuits in fishing. Every Bonefish is an achievement and carries with it an amount of bragging rights to your friends and fishing partners.

Fishing in the Cook Islands

Aitutaki Sports & Fly Fishing Lodge works with the best guides on the lagoon and can tailor match fishing trips to any style of fishing you would like to peruse. Whether it is wading the flats in ankle deep water for big cruising Bonefish, casting from the deck of a flats boat or chasing the huge fish that feed in the deeper water of the lagoon we have the guide that specializes in it!! If it's GTs you are after than our guides know the best places and times to get a fly or spin popper to big angry fish that want to eat!!

All guests for fishing packages are met at the airport and personally delivered to the accommodations and orientation session by the Director of Fishing Activities. Transport is also provided each day to the launch sites for the guides and anglers are picked up at the end of each day and transported back to the rooms.

The club also offers options on family fishing days as well, so if you're taking one of the kids out to catch some fish and get them interested in loving your passion as much as you do is what you want, our guides can provide a service that they will love and an experience they will have with them for the rest of their lives. All packages are all inclusive of meals, transfers, scooter hire, guide costs, and also included is an island culture night that displays local dancers, food and drummers and is one of the real highlights of any stay on Aitutaki.

Aitutaki Sports & Fly Fishing Lodge engages a number of experienced local guides who have spent hours on the water learning the behavior of the fish and finding the best possible locations to target them on any particular time or tide. This gives the angler the best opportunity to get their fly in front of a fish of true trophy status and the true potential for the size limits are still being realized, but be aware these fish are big and big fish have been around for a long time so they are smart and sometimes they are smarter than the angler.

The fishing is always challenging with pinpoint casting a must in order to get the fish to eat and then you need to stop the fish as it makes long powerful runs in an environment that has lots of potential to end with a severed line and a broken heart. But the best things in life are always the hardest!! The other huge attraction is that it is an intimate fishery and one that is not crowded at every turn with fisherman; the local management plans are set up to maintain the fishery as a place that can provide memories of a life time in a private setting. If you need to gear up before your holiday, check out some of our favorite links. Or read more about our fishing options!